Energy Cost Management

We provide commodity and energy risk management, solutions, the development and implementation of hedging strategies and tactics, demand forecasting and trading requirements. We can also resource functional requirements for day to day trading and position management.

Volatility in the price of commodities and the complexity of today’s markets mean that for your business to be ahead of its competitors you have to manage your risk. Managing price risk can give your company a competitive edge. ARC has expert knowledge in this area, specialising in the energy industry.

Why Hedge?
Hedging is a risk management strategy for mitigating the negative impact of price volatility. Hedging can:

– Stabilize cash flows;
– Reduce the risk of financial distress;
– Protect company’s budget targets;
– Provide profit margin protection;
– Help to determine sales prices;
– Provide insurance; and
– Secure the company’s competitive edge.



Our risk management team skilfully navigates the energy and finance markets to design effective hedging strategies for specific business objectives.