Market Regulation

We provide services to support compliance with energy market and financial services legislation.Scanned in REMIT_ESMA_ACER

We have extensive experience of managing regulatory change and its application in the UK and EU electricity and gas markets. This includes: producing reports on the impact of financial market regulations to electricity and gas markets, risk assessments of gas security of supply and electricity supply, preventive action plans, emergency plans and operator security plans, as well as the risk assessment of critical energy infrastructure.

Please read our detailed review of the 2020 InterGen case (InterGen_2020.) here. Further details of the case can be provided on request,

We work with organisations to address Market Abuse Regulation’s (MAR) and wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (“REMIT”). We develop and help implement inhouse or off the shelf systems to monitor the effectiveness arrangements and procedures in place, helping to detect and deter insider trading and market manipulation. Proof of compliance in a “MAR” world – where criminal sanctions may be sought where evidence of Market Abuse is found – is becoming a critical business control in a wider range of trading companies and end users of their trading services.

We understand the how important the practical implementation of policy changes can be. In particular we are able to provide support in assessing the impact and helping guide the development of the regularly changing energy markets and their regulation

A key area of this is the inclusion of commercial energy storage and demand side response where we have the understanding both systems/process and the commercial/contractual arrangements that will be vital to making this work.